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March Madness is back!

He's losing! To Bloody Snow White! Vote NOW! Voting closes tomorrow 1 PM EST

Happy Birthday Gubler


You're the most amazing, amazing guy. Super nice, super funny, super down-to-earth. I love your crazy, your absolutely rubbish sense of humor, your funny doodles and everything that is weird about you.


Okay so I wanna know how many of you guys out there have twitter and use it... lemme know, puh-lease.

PS: If you do, twitter name while you're at it.


Writer's Block: Reading corner

Fiction, any day.

Why? Because non-fiction is people's life experience while fiction is their imagination. And everyone's imagination is better than real life. Life can be dull and boring.... imagination is not. People can be whoever they want to be as long as they just imagine!
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Explain why.

My Beautiful Amma

Rest In Peace
On Saturday, I lost my great grandmother. She was almost 98 years old. She is succeeded by 9 children, 22 grandchildren and 35 great - grandchildren. Very few can boast about a feat like that. She may not have lived the most wonderful life but she was the most wonderful lady ever. And anyone who would have met her would not refute that. She was not literate but knowledgeable; she believed in traditions but never forced her beliefs on anyone. She saw the War of Independence tear the country apart and she had to leave her family, her home and everything behind to escape from what is today Pakistan, but she was never regretful. Even though she lost her husband at a considerably young age, she never gave up. It is because of her that even today, her nine children who have spawned vast families of their own are still very close to each other. And not only that, but so and their children and their children. In today's world, who even knows their second cousin, much less have a close relationship with them. I do, we all do, and it’s all because of her.

I didn't have a paternal grandmother. Well I did, but she died of brain cancer when I wasn't even two years old. I don't recall having any memories of her. But she never let me feel the lack of a grandmother. She was the most loving, generous person I knew. I was her eldest great grandchild and I remember her always telling me how much she loved that she got to see me grow up. I remember she used to always carry around this tiny coin purse and whenever I went to visit, she'd give me a coin, and when I said no, she'd say she's my father's grandmother and I had no right to say no. Whenever I bent to touch her feet to receive her blessings she always used to shout at me. She'd say Daughters don't touch the feet. I want to go to heaven, don't send me to hell by touching my feet.

In the last couple years, I'd not visited her even once. She got Alzheimer’s and stopped recognizing me. She became erratic and completely the opposite of her old self. It was painful. But much worse was the pain she was suffering from. It was unbearable for her and there was nothing we could do to ease it. It was just old age. We stopped praying for her long life and started praying for her suffering to end. But when the end came, we were still not prepared for it. We were not prepared for the gaping hole she would leave in our lives. She was the root of the family tree. She was the knot the bound us together. And now, without her, we have come undone.

They say that you don't grieve for a person, who's lived such a full and beautiful life. You celebrate their life. We're celebrating, but at what cost? We're always going to miss her and life will never be the same.
I’ll miss you, my beautiful Amma.


Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?
At home. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And then the show suddenly cut off and they started showing the news and I could understand what was happening for what seemed like a really long time but was, in fact, only a few minutes.

Birthday Wishes

Two posts in two days! Its a record! :P Okay quickly now. Only here to wish manzanas_verdes many, many happy returns of the day!

Darl, we may not know each other well and not even connect that often, but you always manage to say the most hilarious things and make me laugh. Seriously, you need to put up more excerpts of conversation between you and the bro... because really they are just priceless!

Anyway here's hoping you're having an awesome day and wishing you lovely prezzies and a ginormous cake and lots of luck ahead!


Temme ur fav new show!

Hi Guys,

Short post! Yes, yes I know I've been away long and only pretend to make short posts. But really, nobody cares! and if you do, well, then, shoot me. *shrugs*

Rec me biatch!Collapse )

Toodles! xoxo


I'm a free bird!

 Hey guys, a mini update.

I've finally finished with my contract of articles and I'm free! So before I start a new job I'm having a mini vacation. Its such a relief. Its been such a long while since I've had one of those. Anyway I'm already a fortnight into the vacation and been doing nothing but sleeping and lazing around the house. Oh and catching up on movies. ::grin:: And books!

Anyway I thought before I start a new job, I should catch up on you guys since thanks to my RL I've ignored everyone in a while. Sorry Shay! 

PS: Anyone who's interested in catching up on IM please lemme know, we'll schedule something anytime it suits you'll.



 Hi guys... its been a while. But i'm not here for an update on me. Mostly, because of the lack of time and lack of life. But if I did give an update in short on my life, it would go something like this.

Been busy trying to study. Exams in May.

Yep. Thats all there to it. anyway, I was just being my usual lurker self... when I reliased that I've had a tumblr for months and I haven't added any of you or even told any of ya'll. and since I like the pretty picture posting blog, I want ya'll to add me if you've got one and well know how to.

Link to my tumblr.

PS: I don't know if I've mentioned this but I also have dreamwidth. So anyone who I haven't added, let me know. And I'll rectify that.